Undergraduate Programs

Majors Undergraduate Degrees Duration
Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism
Management B.B.A (Management) 4 years
Diploma (Management) 2 years
Accounting B.B.A (Accounting) 4 years
Marketing B.B.A (Marketing) 4 years
Finance and Banking B.B.A (Finance and Banking) 4 years
Tourism B.B.A (Tourism) 4 years
Faculty of Science and Technology
Information and Technology B.Tech 4 years
Nuclear Engineering B.Eng 4 years
Civil Engineering B.Eng 4 years
Faculty of Sociology and Community Development
Economics B.Ec (Economics) 4 years
Agricultural Economics B.Ec (Agricultural Economics) 4 years
Rural Development BSc (Rural Development) 4 years
Law LLB (Law) 4 years
Sociology BA (Sociology) 4 years
Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing
Horticulture Bsc (Horticulture) 4 years
Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine BSc (Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine) 4 years
Food Processing BSc (Food Processing) 4 years
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education
Arts and Culture B.A (Arts and Culture) 4 years
Humanities B.A (Humanities) 4 years
Education B.Ed (Education) 4 years
Institute of Foreign Languages
English Language B.Ed (English Language) 4 years
Korean Language B.Ed (Korean Language) 4 years
Chinese Language B.Ed (Chinese Language) 4 years
Japanese Language B.Ed (Japanese Language) 4 years

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