Call for 2nd mobility of PhD and Master Degree students 2018

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  • Are you interested in going to EU to work with an experienced scholar to improve research skills?
  • Are you a PhD candidate, Master student or researcher in Cambodia?
  • Are you enrolled in one of the following Khmer universities: National University of Management, Royal University of Law and Economics, University of Battambang or Royal University of Agriculture?

If your answers of above questions are “YES”, you could apply for this international research mobility

Skills, Qualifications and Other Requirements

The mobility is open to PhD or Master Students and researchers (junior and senior) who fulfilled the following requirements. MSc students with a strong desire to start a PhD may be accepted but will not be a priority.

  1. PhD students or researchers associated with the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE), the National University of Management (NUM), the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) and the University of Battambang (UBB).
  2. Minimum master degree requirement of research in an appropriate discipline that is relevant to economics, management, law, geography, education, international relation and related fields (see Annex for a further detail on possible research topics).
  3. PhD students and a research topic related to environmental and maritime research are preferred.
  4. Proficiency in English (both writing and speaking skills).

How to apply?

All interested candidates are invited to submit (in soft copy):

➢ A CV

➢ A research proposal for Researcher and PhD Student, and a PhD proposal for MSc
➢ Letter of Mission from Home University for Staff Mobility.

➢ A motivation letter clearly indicating why this international mobility is important to their
ongoing or future research.
➢ Optional
For the students and researchers, in order to complete your application process, you

shall upload a research article or proposal on the DOCKSIDE EMR Platform:

To these following emails:

  1. Mr. Paul ANGLES: ; and cc to:
  2. Mr. Laurent MESMANN:
  3. Mr. Vong Sovityea THANG:

And copy to the representatives of your university, as the address below:

Deadline for submission: Friday 2nd March 2018

If you have any questions, please contact University Representatives:

  1. Ms. Sokunthy LY and Ms. Sotheavy RIN: and for students or researchers associated with the National University of Management (NUM)
  2. Mr. Paul ANGLES: and for students or researchers associated with the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE)
  3. Mr. Sovanna SEAV: for students or researchers associated with the University of Battambang (UBB)
  4. Ms. Malyne Neang: for students or researchers associated with the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA)

Application and Mobility Procedure

  1. Contact the University Representatives of DOCKSIDE Project
  2. Submission of the application documents
  3. Upload article or proposal to EMR Platform, when required
  4. Selection process and notification to the selected candidates
  5. Establish contact with DOCKSIDE Project Manager, both Home University and European university Representatives for the mobility logistics
  6. During and after the mobility, the participants are monitored by the home, Host University and Project Manager
  7. Expected Impact and Result of the Mobility should last at least three years after the date of return at Home University
  8. Acknowledgment and Certificate of Mobility after the completion of the mission


More information:

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