CONSEA Kick-Off Meeting of ERASMUS+ Project

On Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 in Cooperation Program. No Comments

The Kick-off meeting of ERASMUS+ Project on “Developing curricula for Environmental safety and Conservation of the Biodiversity in South-East Asia (CONSEA)” is starting now in UBB. This kick-off meeting will start from 21-24 February 2017 Which was attended by 16 universities partner over 08 countries include: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, French, Spain, Belgium and Austria. The purpose of this kick-off meeting is to discuss on developing curricula for Master and Doctoral degree on Environmental safety and conservation of the Biodiversity in South-East Asia which contribute to developing curricula and training strengthening to specialists, researchers, staff, lecturers and students in higher education institutions in Cambodia as well as in a whole Mekong region.

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