Erasmus+ DIGI-CHE-ASIA Project

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Enhancing Digital Capacities in Higher Education for Asian Universities (Digi-CHE-Asia)

Digi-CHE-Asia objectives:

=> Advancing the skills of academic staff, students and researchers:
– Suggestions for enhancing and improving current undergraduate curricula;
– Development of a MSc programme that integrate in a practical way the latest developments in Electronics, Automation and Robotics (EAR), named “Advanced Concepts for the Future Industry”;
– Interface with local industries and more specifically the Manufacturing and High-Tech ones.

=> Contribute towards achieving a sustainable connection between the higher education and the requirements of the industry in the regions

Digi-CHE-Asia Members

European HEIs
– National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Coordinator
– Novel Group (Luxemburg)
– University of Evora (Portugal)

Asian HEIs
– Hue University of Sciences (Vietnam)
– University of Technology and Education, UD (Vietnam)
– Savannakhet University (Laos)
– Shampasak University (Laos)
– Svay Rieng University (Cambodia)
– University of Battambang (Cambodia)

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