Sustainable Agriculture


The two- years MSA program aims at building up the research capacity and research skill by integrative approach that can be applied to enhance the sustainability of agriculture and environment at the international level.


The program prepares MSA graduates to become a sustainable agriculture technologist with sustainable an agriculture knowledge and experience, analytical and research skill.

Admission Qualifications

  • All applicants who have a bachelor degree or equivalent in any discipline, as accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, are eligible to apply for the MSA
  • He applicants must also have a qualified to apply for MSA.

Required Documents for Admission


  • A completed copy of the application form
  • A copy of academic transcript of Bachelor’s degree diploma
  • A copy of Certificate of English proficiency
  • A copy of proposed research outline


  • A sheet of tuition payment

Course Curriculum for M.Sc. in Sustainable Agriculture

Codes                             A. core Course (3 modules. 6 credits)                                       credits                                
MSA201 Concept of sustainable Agriculture 2
MSA202 Plant  and Soil Nutrient and Soil Fertility Management 2
MSA203                Agro-Ecosystems  Management 2
B. Major Course (7 modules.21 credits)
MSA204                Integrated Farming Systems 3
MSA205                Cropping Systems Management 3
MSA206                Integrated Natural Resource Management and

               Environmental Risk Assessment

MSA207                Integrated Pest Management 3
MSA208                Climate Change Adaptation 3
MSA209                Sustainable Animal Production 3
MSA210                Agricultural Economics 3
C. Elective Course (1 modle,3 credits)
MSA211                Soilless Cultivation 3
MSA212                Seed Production and Quality Management 3
MSA213                Community Linkage 3
MSA214                Project Management 3
D. Research Courses (3 modules,9 credits)
MSA215                Agriculture Statics 3
MSA216                Research Methodology 3
MSA217                Scientific Writing and Communication 3
                                     E. thesis(12 credits)
                                     Thesis Writing                                                                                                   12
Total                A+B+C+D+E 45-54

General Information