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We are about to launch the online training included in the work package 4 (WP4) of the project – Reinforce competencies on the internationalisation of higher education worldwide and recognition issues. The online training will start on June 4 and will be provided during the next 2 months via a dedicated webpage in Microsoft SharePoint.
The online training is preparatory and preliminary to the face-to-face training to be provided in the following phases both in Asia and in Europe (internships / study visits).
Training activities will be subjected to quality assurance mechanisms testing both the achievements of the learning outcomes by trainees and their satisfaction and the quality of the training provision.
As University partner of RecoASIA, you will participate to the training provided under WP4.
The online course is articulated in 3 modules:
MODULE 1 – UNDERSTANDING HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEMS, including the main characteristics and categories of Higher Education institutions in different contexts; the nature and the core elements of a qualification starting from the analysis of the awarding institution.
MODULE 2 – RECOGNITION PROCEDURES, with a focus on academic recognition procedures, the Lisbon Convention and the Tokyo convention and the documents needed.
MODULE 3 – JOINT PROGRAMMES, including how to develop and manage joint programmes.
Each module will contain different units. They are designed to be provided individually at the person’s convenience during a fixed span of time, normally 2 weeks each 2 units, and include individual assignments.
To this end, you should select up to 15 participants from the staff of your Institution that are willing to follow the above-mentioned training course.
In order to select the participants please note that:
Among the 15 participants there should be both, officers dealing daily with qualification recognition issues and decision-makers working with credential evaluation procedures and joint programmes;
As the training course is taught in English, the participants should have a good understanding of the language.
A certificate of completion is provided to participants if they have followed at least the 80% of the online training.
The person participating to the internship programme in Europe and the study visit in Asia that will follow the online training, shall also have completed and passed the online training.
Please fill out the registration form for each of the 10-15 selected people that will participate in the training by 29th May 2020.
All the participants registered through the form will receive the link to the training website and further instructions via email.


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