Project SIMPLE (Support of International Platform Merging Labour and Education) is a three-year project within the Erasmus + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education programme running since  October 2016.

The project is coordinated by the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague and involves eight partner universities from Austria (The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna), Belgium (Ghent University), Cambodia (The Royal University of Agriculture, The University of Battambang), Indonesia (Bogor Agricultural University, Tadulako University) and Thailand (Kasetsart University, The Prince of Songkla University).

The aim of the project is to encourage cooperation between the academic sector (HEIs) and the professional sector in the area of agriculture and life sciences in selected Asian countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand), leading to enhanced employability of the alumni of those universities.

Project activities focus on support networking and providing a link between graduates (alumni) and employers by establishing Alumni Centres and Platforms for Cooperation with Professional Sector; improvement of the curriculum of study programmes at HEIs in selected Asian universities by introducing compulsory internships leading to greater practical knowledge and better skills of the alumni and enhancing soft skills of the Asian students. You can find more information at

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